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For all your gases and material needs in (compound) semiconductor, PV and LED manufacturing... globally!

Nippon Gases is a proud member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)
Along with Safety and Compliance, a healthy Environment, Diversion and Inclusion are fundamental pillars of our Company's DNA. Nippon Gases is a proud member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). The RBA is a voluntary Code of Conduct with social, environmental and ethical industry standards.

Global Reach

Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation is active globally to serve semiconductor gases needs in customer's facilities across the globe.

We are known as TNSC in Japan/Asia, Matheson in USA, and Nippon Gases in Europe. We all stand for the same principles: excellent product quality, robust supply chains, state-of-the-art production facilities.

Local Supply

Producing your semiconductor
gases in a dedicated, state-ofthe-art facility in Belgium, at the center of Europe.

The facility offers a complete portfolio of gases produced on fully automated (PLC- controlled) equipment. We deploy advanced technology processes to drain, prepare, fill and test cylinders to meet higher standards required for next-generation devices are rolled out.

The facility holds ISO9001-ISO14001 and ISO17025 certifications. A motivated and dedicated team of 80 experienced employees ensure that your gas is shipped timely to your manufacturing all over Europe. Local presence increases your supply chain strength.


Gases we use
Nippon Gases provides a complete portfolio ofhigh-purity materials to help you power thefuture !
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