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UK Tax Strategy paper

National tax systems are crafted with the fundamental purpose of raising revenues necessary to fund public services.  While this goal can be achieved in multiple ways,The TNSC Group believes that sound tax policies should foster long term, sustainable economic growth and provide opportunity for the enterprises subject to such tax systems to compete globally on a level playing field.
The TNSC Group (and its European operation under the name Nippon Gases Europe) is a capital and energy intensive manufacturer of atmospheric and specialty gases, producing locally in support of area manufacturing. Nippon Gases Europe believes that capital investment provides the basis for economic growth hence we support tax policies that promote capital investment.
Further, because we are committed to continuously develop new technologies that increase productivity and result in environmental benefits for a wide range of industries, we support tax policies that favor innovation and protect the value of intellectual property assets.  We also support the continued expansion of a network of bilateral income tax treaties to reduce barriers to cross border investment and eliminate double taxation.
For these reasons, Nippon Gases Europe advocates for tax policies that drive economic growth, particularly in areas of increased manufacturing efficiency and that drive local manufacturing production and development.
Nippon Gases Europe operates in 13 countries in Europe, where our tax contribution is substantial and similarly global in scope, including corporate taxes, value added & sales taxes, customs and employee taxes that make a significant contribution to societies around the continent.
In order to meet the requirements of Part 2 of Schedule 19 to the 2016 UK Finance Act, the Company confirms it is committed to:


1.Compliance with applicable UK laws and regulations.
2.Consulting with advisors where there is complexity or uncertainty.
3.Working together with our business customers and suppliers to ensure transactional taxes are accurately determined and paid.
4.Developing and maintaining a collaborative working relationship with HMRC.  

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