Dryer Flows with VOCs .

Nippon gases offers systems to improve drying processes by using inert and dry gases

There are many industrial processes that use large quantities of air or other gases in drying processes. These processes can take place on a per-load basis or continuously. In any case, the use of an inert and dry gas such as nitrogen makes it possible to preserve the quality and safety conditions of the drying process.Likewise, if during the drying process volatile organic compounds are emitted into the atmosphere, they can easily be treated by treating the gaseous currents.

The emission is not generally treated in any way, which causes an environmental problem due to the emissions into the atmosphere.

Direct treatment

Direct treatment of the flow from

the dryer. We can treat this flow

directly with one of the two

following options:

1. Cryogenic recovery.

2. Recovery by adsorption and cryogenics.

Indirect treatment

Indirect treatment of the

dryer flow.

Prior to using a recovery system, we need to

concentrate the flows that reach the exterior. There are different recirculation systems used for that purpose.

This enables us to optimise the flow and the output concentration, which then optimises its subsequent treatment.

Nippon gases offers systems to improve drying processes by using inert and dry gases.

Recovery by absorption
and cryogenics
Recovery by absorption
and cryogenics
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