With Plug&Work® it will be easier to use technical gases.

Replace empty cylinders safely 

Plug&Work® from Nippon Gases are compressed gas cylinders with an integrated pressure reducer that offers your user a variety of advantages.
Safety, economy and convenience are at the forefront. The integrated pressure reducer and quick coupling simplifies daily handling and saves time.
Pressurized gas cylinders with an integrated valve are therefore being used more and more, especially for shielding gas welding.


Simple to use,
plug in and work!

Safe use of the cylinder, even
in case of accidental fall of the
same, the pressure regulator
being integrated in the valve, the
whole unit remains protected
in the cap.

With Plug&Work® the
replacement of the cylinder
is much faster, saving time
to be engaged in a more
important profession.

Technical Gases Available

Technical gases available on this

type of cylinder format


Nippon Gases have on this cylinder format the main

gases used for metalworking, meaning oxygen, acetylene, nitrogen, argon and Sanarc welding mixtures.


Plug&Work® is the result of Nipon Gases’ long


How much time do you spend changing gas cylinders? Did you foresee the risks related to this activity?


Safety first
To be safe in the workplace is a fundamental value for us.
Nippon Gases has assimilated this value as an absolute priority and disseminates it through its products and services for its customers so that they too can assimilate this foundation.
Do you have any questions?
In Nippon Gases we have developed various qualities of gases to adapt to your applications. Call us or write to us and we will help you get the most out of it.