NSHD new initiative contributes to a sustainable society for the future.

Madrid, April 2022
Press Release
Carbon neutral world is the new initiative of Nippon Sanso Holdings (NSHD), oriented towards reducing carbon footprint.

We enable a carbon neutral world represents NIPPON SANSO HOLDINGS's commitment to contribute to a sustainable society for the future. Since its funding, NIPPON SANSO HOLDINGS has been at the forefront of researching and developing gas engineering technologies and utilisation equipment based on industrial gases, always providing the best solution necessary, now more than ever.


Today, NIPPON SANSO HOLDINGS customers are actively working on the renewable energy transition. By utilising our accumulated technologies, and over 100 years' worth of experience, we aim to help make this transition a reality.

The holdings vision stands for creating social value through innovative gas solutions that increase industrial productivity, enhance human well-being and contribute to a more sustainable future. Based on this vision, NIPPON SANSO HOLDINGS, as "The Gas Professionals", is already taking the first steps to refocus and enhance its portfolio of gas-based solutions geared towards carbon neutrality.


There are five areas that drive this vision:

  • Greening combustion. NIPPON SANSO HOLDINGS offers the perfect combination of green oxygen with the-state-of-art oxy-combustion technology, allowing industries to reduce fossil fuel consumption and GHG emissions, making also CO capture easier and cheaper.


  • Hydrogen solutions. NIPPON SANSO HOLDINGS enables the access to the most suitable solutions to produce green and low-carbon hydrogen sustainably, using the right balance of the most appropriate technology, available feedstocks, and renewable energy.


  • CO capture. Using the most suitable CO capture technology NIPPON SANSO HOLDINGS allows its customers to reuse CO in different production processes or in other areas of the industry after purification.


  • Circular economy. Recovered CO, scrap metal, waste heat, sludge produced in wastewater treatment plants and industrial, agricultural, and urban waste can be used in combination with the right technology to replace or reshape current production processes into more sustainable ones.


  • Digitalisation.NIPPON SANSO HOLDINGS wide range of gases, equipment and services in the electronics industry drives the phenomenon of digitalisation as a lever for a circular business model, contributing to a reliable electronics industry for a carbon neutral future.


Thanks to the synergies and expertise of the industrial gases’ businesses in the 4 geographic hubs - Japan, United States, Europe and Asia & Oceania - and the circular economy vision of the THERMOS branded business, the group is able to undertake this global effort that aligns all members of the group and is key to helping its customers reduce their carbon footprint.


Carbon neutral strategy helps make NIPPON SANSO HOLDINGS future-proof by creating a place for the group in the future industrial landscape -where sustainability is a must- and reinforces the strong belief and compromise with sustainable development that enables a carbon neutral world.

There are no spectators, only participants.
Join the change - carbonneutralworld.com

About Nippon Sanso Holdings

The Nippon Sanso Holdings Group is the world's fourth-largest supplier of industrial, electronic, and medical gases, operating in four geographic hubs - Japan, the United States, Europe and Asia & Oceania - covering 31 countries. In addition, the Thermos business supplies THERMOS branded products to more than 120 countries around the world. Since its foundation as Nippon Sanso Ltd. in 1910, the group stands for creating social value through innovative gas solutions that increase industrial productivity, enhance human well-being and contribute to a more sustainable future. With more than 19,000 employees, together, we are The Gas Professionals” and we all have the same goal: Making life better through gas technology”.