The most efficient device to cool down your process.

Reliable cooling of reactors and processes at extreme low temperature

Our wide range of solutions fits anychemical and pharmaceutical process while adapting to the reaction conditions, exploiting the high cooling power of liquid nitrogen preserving safety and quality.

Our solution
In Nippon Gases we develop tailormadesolutions for your reactorcooling
Thanks to our expertise, we can help you choose the best solution for every process, support you to select the most effective system: direct, indirector hybrid cooling.We also provide retrofit or integration of existing devices.
Process monitoring and control
This service guarantees theoperation of the system bymeeting your operational needs inthe design, installation, testingand commissioning phases.
At Nippon Gases we help optimise all stages of the process,analysing each case in detail to ensure maximum productionperformance along with supreme product quality, and toguarantee total safety and precise process control.