Argon for additive

A frequently used inert gas in the additive manufacturing processes

The inert gas par excellence

A noble gas is 1.38 times heavier than air and has a low ionization energy. Its weight determines the ability to protect the melting bath during the 3D printing processes.

It is adequate for all types of metal, ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


Relative density
First ionisation energy
- 186°C
Boiling point
Related gases
Sanarc H for Additive manufacturing
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Nitrogen fo Additive manufacturing
Under normal conditions nitrogen is an inert gas but which at high temperatures can react with some materials also used in 3D printing. The use of nitrogen in this process is indicated for austenitic steel powders.
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Helium for Additive manufacturing
Helium is an absolutely inert and very light gas. Its chemical and physical characteristics make it ideal for both PBF and DED 3D printing processes, but it is very rare and expensive, so it is mainly used in EBM processes given the low gas consumption that this process has. In DED processes it is often used mixed with other gases.
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