Carbon Dioxide
for Water & Wastewater

For water and wastewater treatment.

Carbon dioxide, a safe alternative to acids

Carbon dioxide is an alternative to acids, traditionally used to neutralise alkaline waters, which main advantages are safety and buffer effect. It allows to obtain the encrusting or aggressive nature of water according to the different equilibria carbonic acid, bicarbonate-carbonates, pH level, temperature, calcium concentration and total salinity in the water.

- Inert nature, non-flammable, safe to store and ecological.

- Fast regulation of the pH without danger of acidification.

- Preserves the quality of water without increasing its salinity with waste (Al, S, Cl).

- Easy to manipulate, risk free of burns, spills or leaks.

- Non-corrosive, lengthening life of equipment and installations.

- Buffer effect, maintaining the pH in neutral values, self-regulation.


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