Part of our culture.

Compliance excellence

We believe that compliance is achieved through continuous training and every employee living our Code of Conduct, which summarizes our core compliance values and principles.

Promoting conscious actions designed to respond to the expectations of customers and society at large.


Compliance Commitment Week
Protecting ourselves to protect our customers.

Discover the event that further reinforces our compliance culture: the Compliance Commitment Week.


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Nippon Gases, as a company, and each employee, manager and director as individuals strive to be ethical in all business endeavours.


All our activities are reviewed to ensure compliance with legal requirements in an ethical and transparent manner.





Human Rights


We consider respect for human rights to be fundamental.


We seek to do business with partners - customers, suppliers and contractors - who share the same commitment to human rights as we have.


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Equality of opportunity

We have adopted measures to promote equal opportunity and impartial treatment of men and women.


We combat sexual and gender harassment, and the Company-wide incorporation and accessibility of persons with disabilities.


We have policies against all forms of discrimination, and, as applicable, diversity management.