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Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation, commonly known as TNSC, is a Japanese multinational industrial gas manufacturer incorporated in the year 1910 as Nippon Sanso Corporation.
The company is Japan's largest industrial gas producer and among top five industrial gas suppliers in the whole world.The company currently operates in more than 15 countries worldwide via its own name and subsidiaries.
TNSC is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with more than 50 subsidiaries and affiliates in other countries. Since May 2014, Taiyo Nippon Sanso has been an affiliate of Mitsubishi Chemical, which is a part of the core Mitsubishi group. For more information, visit Taiyo Nippon Sanso website, clicking here

Nippon Gases in Europe

13 countries with 163 plants, 14 pipelines,
7 terminals and 3 CO2 ships


A message from Eduardo Gil,

Nippon Gases President

''Our  employees are showing their great discipline strictly following procedures to keep us and our families safe and to ensure business continuity as much as we can, whether it is in our plants, or supplying hospitals and other vital industries or working from home. The dedication and commitment we are seeing reinforces what we already knew: we are a great company, because we have a great team."

Sustainability Report

Our Sustainability Report for the 2019 fiscal year shares the continued commitment and progress in Nippon Gases sustainability focus areas .

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Safety, PRIORITY NUMBER 1 in our company, is constantly improving due to the search for risk factors and behaviors and the observance of our safety principles by all our employees.
Our commitment to safety is integral, so we apply this premise in all our products -development, design and distribution- as well as human and environmental control.

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct (“Code”) sets forth our values and principles to ensure that all employees, managers and directors are acting in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and internal policies and furthering our commitment to corporate ethics, integrity and social responsibility.
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