Nippon Gases has a highly experienced team contributing to the sustainable growth of industry in Europe.

Nippon Gases’ focus is to ensure sustainability in our day-to-day work

We aim to create social value through innovative gas solutions that increase industrial productivity, enhance human well-being and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Contributing to a more sustainable future.
We are strongly engaged with sustainability and the application of the KAITEKI philosophy approach to our day to- day activities.
KAITEKI  “the sustainable well-being of people, society and our planet Earth"


Our priorities


Our commitment to sustainability, to the environment, especially to the climate emergency and global warming, is increasingly reflected in our business.


One of our priorities is to minimize the environmental impacts from our activities, products, and services, and to ensure the efficient use of resources as well as helping our customers to achieve their sustainable goals..

The transition to a carbon-neutral economy


Nippon Gases’ “lean” approach helps our customers to reduce waste, reuse materials and increase productivity.


Thanks to our services, equipment and innovative solutions, they obtain process improvements that allow the transition to a carbon-neutral economy without penalizing production costs.

Minimizing our carbon foot print
We are optimizing the transportation of our goods by reducing the millage driven per ton of driven product and to switch from diesel to alternative fuels. We also contribute to the prevention of global warming through optimizing energy consumption at gas production facilities.        
Community Engagement
Nippon Gases employees are fully committed to Community Engagement.
Various projects are held during the year, allowing employees to help  directly or to raise funds for non-profit organizations from different sectors such as education, diversity, community support, health & wellness and the environment.
Growing together


We engage our customers, employees, shareholders and communities in order to understand how we can benefit each other and grow together.


Meetings, presentations and ongoing dialogue with stakeholders throughout the year provide opportunities for collaboration to create value, while providing innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers.

Making life better through gas technology.

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