Who we are

Nippon Gases, much more than a gas supplier.

We are a strategic partner for industrial and medical gases in Europe.

Nippon Gases - part of Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation - is present in more than 13 countries, counting with a solid combination of onsite/ piping, merchant and package lines of business across key industrial zones.

We own 4 CO2  ships, 14 pipelines and over 600 trucks to supply, on time, our wide network of customers around Europe.
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Our business 


Nippon Gases is the fourth- largest industrial gas company in Europe with an overall market share close to 9% in the continent.


Detailed needs analyses for each of our customers is the key to offering them the products, services and technologies that will optimize their processes most efficiently.

What we offer
We help our customers in achieve safety and environmental sustainability standards, increase productivity, decrease energy consumption and produce higher quality products.
The main products supplied by Nippon Gases in various physical forms and purities are oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, carbon monoxide, gas mixtures, electronic gases, specialty gases and the services and technologies associated with the use of these gases and mixtures.
Business model


Our ability to provide safe and reliable supplies of industrial gases reflects technological development, production, supply and sales capabilities.


Nippon Gases has a very balanced situation with regard to mode of supply and enjoys an open portfolio in terms of markets served.

Making life better through gas technology.