Cell cultures

Cell cultures using CO2 and O2 incubators, with optimal performance and process control.

CO2 incubators (sometimes with extra O2 supply), are used in:
mammalians cell/tissue culture, stem cell development,
regenerative medicine, biomedical-biotechnological research.

Basically, the purpose of CO2 in incubators is to regulate the pH of the culture medium: a certain partial pressure of CO2 and a suitable humidity level regulate the pH of the culture and stabilise cell growth.

73 bar
Critical pressure
Critical temperature
From lab to industrial scale

Nippon Gases collaborates with manufacturers of CO2 incubators, adapted to each type of production and with the highest levels of safety.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is used in various processes in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.
It is applied in cell cultures in incubators, in supercritical extraction processes, freezer back-up and in supercritical chromatography. In wastewater treatment it is used for pH control.
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