Solutions for Biotechnology
and Pharmaceutical Industry

Industrial gases and technical solutions for specific processes in Biotech and Pharma Industry.

Gases we use
Nippon Gases along with their experts are here to assist you. Our pharmaceutical grade nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and argon, both in liquid and gaseous state, are used in many biotechnological and pharmaceutical applications to obtain optimised results for your company, in compliance to the most recent regulations and legislations in force.
Carbon Dioxide for Pharma & Biotech
Gaseous and liquid carbon dioxide for the
pharmaceutical industry.
Dry Ice for Pharma and Biotech
Solid carbon dioxide for the pharmaceutical industry.
Oxygen for Pharma and Biotech
Liquid and gaseous Oxygen, compliant to any pharmaceutical regulation.
Compressed and liquid argon for special

Argon can be used for particular inerting
needs and in pressurisation of
lyophilisation process.
Nitrogen for Pharma & Biotech
Liquid and gaseous N2, compliant to any pharmaceutical regulation.
Helium for laboratories
A unique product for unique applications.
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