Solution for hospitalcare

We take care of you: products, services and equipments for hospitals, clinics and medical centres.

Gases we use
In Nippon Gases we offer a wide range of gas and mixtures in cylinders or liquid phase, classified bythe European Pharmacopeia as drugs or medical devices.
Air for hospitalcare
This is not a simple gas but a drug with high-quality standard!
Carbon Dioxide for hospitalcare
A gas used like a medical device.
Heliox for hospitalcare
A light way to breathe!
Helium for hospitalcare
Save your MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) devices!
NinoXan® for hospitalcare
A breath against the pain!
Nitrogen for hospitalcare
The right solution to store cells and tissues!
Nitrous oxide for hospitalcare
An anesthetic simple to use!
Medical oxygen
Medical oxygen is one of the most widely used
therapeutic drugs.
Rivonox® for hospitalcare
The solution for the inhaled nitric oxide therapies!
Do you still have questions?
At Nippon Gases we are called “The Gas Professionals” for a reason, and it’s because we’ll be able to answer any doubt.