for diving

Your specialty gas supplier for technical and professional diving.


We operate under the most rigorous safety regulations. Our main priority is the accuracy and purity of the gases we provide for diving.

Diving mixtures


-Widely used for diving to depths of up to 50 m.

-Supply in different concentrations of oxygen and nitrogen possible.



-Used at depths greater than 50m. Helium prevents the effects of nitrogen narcosis.

-Supply in different concentrations of oxygen and helium possible.



-By adjusting the proportions, it is possible to create mixtures suitable for different depths and purposes.

-Supply in different concentrations of oxygen, nitrogen and helium possible.

Available in various delivery formats, from 50 litre bottles to 12/16 bottle blocks.
Gases we use
In Nippon Gases we supply a wide range of diving gases for professional and technical work. All the gases we supply are analysed and certified in accordance with the international standard UNE-EN 12021-2014.

We supply the international oil, gas and energy industry through Nippon Gases Offshore with the following gases:
Heliox for diving
We offer Heliox in blends to suit the working depth of divers. See the table below for information on Nippon Gases Heliox. To search for any Safety Data Sheet, click on the Nippon Gases FDS's link.
Nitrox for diving
Breathing gas mixes for shallow diving.
Helium for diving
Oxygen for diving
Breathing air (synthetic) for diving
Synthetic air for recreational scuba diving.
Do you still have questions?
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