Oxygenation for
Onshore Sites

Oxygenation for freshwater and saltwater onshore.

Control your oxygen levels with our dissolvers

Hydrox is a pressurised oxygen dissolverfor fresh- and saltwater. In-line has minimum pressure loss, it doesn't require an extra pump and it's mainly used for saltwater.

Hydrox DMT

Hydrox DMT oxygen dissolvers are used for both central oxygenation and individual oxygenation in each tank.


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In-line is used in seawater systems where high-capacity, limited space and minimal pressure loss are required to reduce energy costs for pumping water while seeking an efficient oxygen release.


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Two ways to dissolve enough oxygen to maintain good fish welfare and growth in freshwater and seawater.
- For oxygenation on central or individual levels
- Pressurised with an extra pump
- Superoxygenated water
- CE-marked
- Superoxygenation
- Nozzle for good mixing/blending
- Mainly for salt- and brackish water.
- No extra pump required
- Pressure drop only of 0.01-0.04 bar
- All parts are seawater resistant, including the       metallic membrane
- Efficiency > 90 %.
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