WaterSan Mirugas®

Remote monitoring and control tool.

Service to help you in the operation

Digital signals sent by sensors in the biological reactors (OD, Redox, Temperature), gas flowmeter, solenoid valves, and many others, are collected and stored. Our main objectives are control of O2 dosage to maintain DO concentration and reduce consumption, analysis of the plant, track of the biological activity through the OUR evolution.

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Added value
MiruGas® can perform secondaryderived calculations online suchas the OUR, which, is therespiration rate of biomass, thatis, the rate of oxygen consumption of microorganisms.
By relating this important indicator to the OTR and otherprocesses parameters, a representative indicator isobtained to detect anomalies and prevent possible unwanted situations. It can also optimise costs and reduce / justify energy and / or chemical reagent consumption when the processes are performed correctly.


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