Certified Liquid Standard for Laboratories

Analyser calibration mixtures for refineries and petrochemical plants.

Liquid hydrocarbon mixtures for laboratories and research

Mixtures of liquid components and low volatile liquified gases can't be produced as a gaseous reference material due to a much too low pressure and risk of condensation. In such case, the Certified Liquid Standards has the solution.

Typical application is found in refineries, cracking installations to monitor the proces streams of f.e. raw materials like propylene, 1,3 butadiene, aromates, and all hydrocarbons with vapour pressures below 2 bar at 0°C.

Certified Liquid Standard
Available in cylinder sizes from 3, 10 and 50 liter watercapacity.
Cylinders are equipped with a 2-way valve Gas & Liquid. The gas side can be used to connect an assist gas to pressurise the liquid mixture inside the cylinder (ideally helium because of its low solubility in hydrocarbons).
The liquid side of the valve is connected to a dip-tube inside the cylinder to easely withdraw the liquid mixture to your analyser system.
Large variety of components
Ideal solution for low volatile hydrocarbons
Comes in packings with a 2-way valve
Certified Liquid Standard Certificates
The Certificate will clearly indicate which method has been used.
These standards are certified by composition (gravimetrical weighing), by laboratory analysis or by a combination of both. These standards are not suitable for high volatile components such as f.e. ethylene or permanent gases such as methane.
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