Molecular Cooking with liquid nitrogen and Dry Ice

A revolution in the use and development of new culinary techniques comes with molecular cuisine.

Liquid nitrogen.The power of -196ºC

The use of liquid nitrogen and dry ice for cooking allows to create textures, effects or illusions, impossible to achieve with traditional cooking methods.

The extreme temperature of liquid nitrogen, together with its liquid condition, allows, with the correct techniques and safety measures, to innovate in modern cuisine using all your creativity.
Dry Ice: Carbon dioxide in the solid state

Dry ice is at a temperature of -78,5ºC and can be supplied in different sizes and formats.

LiN: Liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is distributed or stored in portable cryogenic vessels called dewards. With these, and the appropriate safety measures, you will be able to have the necessary nitrogen for culinary activities.

Discover surprising effects, extract aromas, make unique drinks and freeze alcohol in attractive and original sorbets.

Dry Ice, magic dishes and drinks.

Present your dishes in an impressive way thanks to the sublimation of dry ice, creating

mists of CO2 gas with condensed water moist.


Freeze alcoholic drinks, such as vodka, gin, tequila, or rum. Drinks over 32º require freezing temperatures below -23ºC. Dry ice at -78ºC allows them to be frozen.

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Safety information
Safety measures are mandatory when liquid nitrogen is usedin gastronomy.
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