for Food

Crusting before slicing meat pieces.

Facilitate the cutting of products such as meat, achieving abetter filleting and reducing losses

It consists of giving a cold hit with liquid nitrogen / CO2 to pieces of meat to achieve a hardening (crusting) or superficial freezing.

Continuos and discontinuos solutions
All kinds of meat
LiN: Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is distributed or stored in portable cryogenic  vessels called dewards. With these, and the appropriate safety measures, you will be able to have the necessary nitrogen for culinary activities.

LCO2 Solution

CO2 bacteriostatics effect becomes the best option for hardering the surface of pieces of meat.

Nippon gases offers all the needed requirements to install cryogenic equipments for freezing with LIN or LCO2 for any kind of product.
Best way to have a flexible andproductive freezing line.
High-quality of the endproduct.
Easy to increase productioncapacity when needed.
Avoid weight loss due to dehydration. It does not organoleptically modify the meat
Better microbiological quality. Multiple applications
Higher productivity. Extends the life of the blades.
Filleting Quality

Shallow freezing or crusting

improves filleting quality.

The preparation of the pieces is streamlined, it is not necessary to have them several hours in chambers before cutting.

Cryogenic Cabinet

Adapted to your rhythm.

Work with LIN or LCO2 and discover the versatility of the gases in our cryogenic equipment, capable of meeting production needs in a wide range of values.

Injection Systems

Take advantage of the properties of carbonic snow and cool, inertise and protect your food with the bacteriostatic power of CO2.


For portable use or coupled with some kneading equipment.

Cryogenic Test Cabinet

Try cryogenics without compromise.


Our portable test equipment is equipped with wheels, is small in size and can be adapted to LIN or LCO2. It allows you to perform real tests in your own facilities with any of our portable supplies. It verifies the quality of the product, determines the needed working parameters and confirms the estimates of cryogenic gas consumption.

A perfect solution
Nippon Gases designs and builds its own equipments for cryogenic crusting.
Continuos and discontinuos solutions for each process.At Nippon Gases we help optimise all stages of the process, analysing each case in detail to ensure maximum production performance along with supreme product quality.

- Freezing
- Blow cold
- Mixer


- Freezing
- Packing
- Blow cold
- pH control


- Freezing
- Wrapped
- Glazed
- Blow cold


- Stunning
- Freezing
- Wrapped
- Blow cold
- Mixer


- Freezing
- Chilling
- Packing
- Blow cold

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