Dry ice for the transport and conservationof food and beverage products.

SanIce® is a solid state carbon dioxide (CO2) based solution

For transport and conservation up to-78.5ºC temperature. When emitting its cold, solid CO2 gasifies without generating any liquid, water or humidity. This is a very useful feature for the multiple applications that Nippon Gases offers.

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Different applications
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Sectors to use Dry Ice
Ideal for the chemical industry, agri-food, pharma sector and all kinds of shows.
Dry ice can be used in multiplesectors, such as food, pharmacy,chemistry and gastronomy,among others.
From food transport to gastronomy, through vintage and cryogenic cleaning, dry ice offers a whole world ofpossibilities where you set the limits.
Food transportation

Constant temperature guaranteed, leaving no additional residue. Refrigerated and frozen transport.

Dry ice blasting

Cleaning without additional residue using dry ice. Application for different sectors by taking advantage of the cold.

Grape harvest and crop

Guaranted temperature during crop.We avoid fermentations at the collection point.



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Safety information
Safety measures are mandatory when liquid nitrogen is usedin gastronomy.
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