FCC Enrichment

Solutions for Oxygen Enrichment on FCC units.

FCC Enrichment and NOx Reduction

Oxygen is widely used in refineries to increase capacity and environmental performance in terms of CO and NOx emissions in FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) facilities.

Our Solution
Nippon Gases has a wide experience in the refining industry all over the world.
We design and tailor systems, with and for our customers, to satisfy their specific needs. Only this way, we can help maximise both yield and production, manage to reach both their operational and environmental goal.
With our help, you can improve the throughput of your units and reduce emissions.


The capacity of the regenerator can increase by up to 35% of the air blower and the regenerator speed limitations.

At Nippon Gases we help optimise all stages of the process, analysing each case in detail to ensure maximum production performance along with supreme product quality.

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