Acceleration of
Plant Growth

Solution to enable your crops to grow faster.

The growth process of plants is based on the principle of photosynthesis

The growth process of plants is based on the principle of photosynthesis. CO2 and water are absorbed by the plant and, under the influence of light, they are converted into sugars, starch and cellulose. If one of this three factors is missing, this has a negative impact on the production and/or quality of the plants.

In addition, it's easier for the plant to absorb CO2 when there is a lot of light. This results in a reduction of the CO2 concentration in the greenhouse. However, if we enrich the atmosphere in the greenhouse with liquid pure CO2, the desired CO2 amount will be maintained improving the growth and the quality of the crops.

If you looking for a solution to increase harvest yields, cut your costs and push up your profits, Nippon Gases has the solution for you.


CO2 enrichment is a flexible and safe process, which can be applied at every moment during the day and in the desired quantity.


Pure CO2 contains no toxic substances, such as Ethylene, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxides, Acetylene or Propylene. That being said, the chance of infection in the crop is null. This makes the use of pure liquid CO2 also desirable in the winter, especially when the air vents are closed.

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