Direct Oxygen Injection

Solution for Direct Oxygen Injection infermentation and oxidative processes.

Innovative solution to increase the yield of fermentative processes without side effects

The direct injection of oxygen in the reaction environment leads to increased yields without foaming, power waste, broth fluidisation. All with a low investment cost and reducing the final overall operative cost.

Our solution
The design of the sparger is crucial,and we developed with ourcustomers a patented* sparger foran optimised injection
Tailor-made solutions to maximise the mass transfer of oxygen, with a detailed design of the injection profile and fluid dynamics.


Optimised spargers for pure oxygen

in fermentation broth.

This solution can be coupled to a

traditional air sparger.

Our services
We can work with you, and together find the best layout for your process, analysing all the variables and developing the solution as partners.
The full service includes: - Oxygen gas and supply system. - Oxygen flow control system. - Direct oxygen injection sparger and technology            .             installation design. - Assistance start up and optimisation.