Solutions for milling and micronisation processes.

Solution for a better milling product with the dual action of nitrogen

Nitrogen can preserve the milling productin two ways: - Preventing the effect ofhumidity and         oxygen (inerting). - Lowering the milling                                             temperature(cryogenic millng).

Solutions for milling
Ultracold or inert nitrogen can helpreduce the heat produced in the grinding process, resulting in high quality,ultra-fine, uniformly sized particles.
Gaseous nitrogen can be used for micronisation applications. Available in medical grade. The inert carrier (nitrogen) makes the micronisation process more reliable, increases productivity and quality. On the other hand, cryogenic grinding with liquid nitrogen is an effective means of obtaining ultra-fine and uniform particle size, while improving product quality and stability as well as production rates.
Cryogenic milling
We can follow your milling process from the lab scale to the industrial scale, thanks to the collaboration with leading producers.
The use of adequate gas helps optimise your activity, have lower long-term costs, higher productivity and operationalflexibility. This way, you can do more with less.