Oxygen Enhanced Combustion (O.E.C.)

Solutions for retrofitting old coal-fired boilers to fire primary biomass

O.E.C. mitigates many of the challenges associated with biomass firing.

Cost-effective technology for retrofitting older coal-fired boilers to fire primarily biomass. In addition, we mitigate many of the challenges, associated with the conversion to biomass firing. We maintain a stable and safe operations of the system and avoid that the ID fan capacity will be exceeded.

Reduces loss of ignition (LOI)
Enhances pyrolysis
(less char)
Accelerate NOx
reduction kinetics
Nippon Gases offers this solution to reduce NOx emissions by using oxygen.
O.E.C. Technology has shown to improve emissions, operational flexibility, LOI reduction, enhances flame stability, enables deeper staging which drives NOx reduction reactions.

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