Certified Gas Standard for Laboratories

95% of your daily gas analyser calibrations with reliable, accurate and stable gas mixtures.

Decades of experience and knowhow in the production and certification of high-quality calibration mixtures

This is one of the several calibration mixtures categories we can offer, so the Certified Gas Standard is prepared by using gravimetric and volumetric sampling techniques followed by a laboratory certification. The methodology is based on the most recent international regulations developed by the ISO-TC158 normalisation commission. And covered by an ISO-9001 quality audit system.

Large variety of components
Certified by laboratory analysis
Large variety of packing sizes
Certified Gas Standard are standard available in cylinder sizes from 3 to 10 and 50 liter water capacity
Larger capacities can be provided for certain mixture component combinations. And we also have a solution for small volume users.
Certified Gas Standard Specifications

A grasp of the many qualified components

Chemical classification
With examples of qualified components.
Download sheet
Traceability of a Certified Gas Standard

Slide to learn about Nippon Gases over time