Process Gases for Laboratories

For your laboratory and pilot plant research.

Hydrocarbons and Anorganic gases for laboratories and research

These products include a wide variety of chemical gases used in applications such as research, pilot plant and production of active components in pharmaceutical industry, acid-base neutralisation- and halogenation processes, chemical synthesis, catalyst- and pilot reactor research.

We offer all these products from small cylinders up to drum size packages, depending on your demand and requirements.

Reliable sources
 Purification andtransfill capacity
Products and purities
Because of the variety and the fact that we do not support all cylinder sizes and purities, we could foresee here a link to a product catalog with the supported products, qualities and corresponding packages, contents, pressures and cylinder valve connections.

Process Gases for Pharmaceutical synthesis, catalyst, laboratory and pilot research

Product information
As this concerns many products I recommend to provide here a link to all relevant pdf PDS in local language, see examples and comments as for helium and hydrogen.
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Helium Supply Chain

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