Oxygen Injection to Increase Lime Production

Oxygen allows to optimise the combustion of secondary fuels.

Oxygen injection allows to increase the lime production

Cost-effective technology to increase lime production on kilns with limited fuel gas capacity.

Designed to meet the needs of each client
Our solutions
Nippon Gases offers specific oxygen injection technology to be implemented on all kinds of kilns
Specific oxygen injection devices for rotary or shaft kilns helps to maximise the furnace capacity and increase lime production.
More stable flame
- Maximise productivity.
- Positively impacts on NOx emissions
Oxygen used in lime kilns
Compelling technical alternative to provide the lime kilns with the capacity of production increase.
Offers a low cost, low maintenance option that can be installed on most of the kilns improving their production capacity, the furnace stability, impacting positively on NOx emissions.

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