Oxy-Solid Fuel

Oxygen-solid fuel burners to increase productivity and decrease coke rate.

Oxy-solid fuel burners reduce coke rate and make the use of other solid fuels possible

Cost-effective technology to substitute coke for other cheaper solid fuels.

Designed to meet the needs of each client
Our solutions
Nippon Gases offers specific oxysolidfuel burner technology forcupola furnaces
Specific oxy-solid fuel burners for cupola use helps to minimise the coke rate and to use other cheaper fuels.
Minimise coke consumption

- The bare minimum

Oxy-solid fuel burners for cupola
Compelling technical alternative to provide coke rate
Offers a low cost, low maintenance option that can be installed on most of the cupolas to improve the coke rate and make the use of cheaper solid fuels possible.

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