New monitoring and processes analysisservice from Nippon Gases.

Control your processto increase yourproductivity

Thanks to MiruGasĀ® multiple processes can be monitored and optimised. MiruGasĀ® is suitable for all forms of supply.

Access from any device and from anywhere, unlike other classic monitoring systems that are "anchored" to the factory.
Additive manufacturing
- Process parameters.
- Gas purity control.
- Manufacturing
- Supply traceability.
Cutting processes
- Process parameters.
- Filter maintenance.
- Cutting consumption.
- Productivity control.
Welding processes
- Process parameters.
- Productivity control.
- Gas consumption.
Generation of notices
Control critical parameters with alerts by email or sms
Report generation
Receive daily or monthly reports that summarise activity
Factory signal integration
Add parameters from other areas of the factory
Algorithm customisation
Algorithms to optimise the customer process.
At Nippon Gases we believe that the use of the most appropriate gas can help you do much more than simply running applications.


Do you still have questions?
In Nippon Gases we have developed various qualities of gases to adapt to your applications. Call us or write to us and we will help you get the most out of it.