Special product for oxyfuel cuttingprocess.

The right solution foryour oxyfuel thermalcutting.

The oxyfuel thermal cutting technology is the oldest and best known, but still in continuous development. This technology is fundamental for processing of constructionsteels. Plasma and laser technologies are suitable for medium thin thicknesses, but oxyfuel technology remains the queen for cutting thick sheets.

Nippon Gases has developed some productsspecific for this technology with the aim ofmaking the process even more advantageousto increase productivity and cutting quality.
What is the most important gas in the oxyfuel cutting process?


Without a doubt, the answer to this question is oxygen.


It supports the flame in the preheating phase, bringing carbon steel to incandescence, and thus fueling an exothermic reaction between the carbon contained in the steel and oxygen. However, fuel gas also has a fundamental function in the type of work and process economy.

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Mixture onsite

Potential production of the right onsite gas mixture.

Gas Mixer

Nippon Gases is able to meet the specific requests to generate onsite mixtures through the design and construction of specific gas mixers also, including remote control.


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