Argon is playing an important role in a lot of solutions and industries. 

A noble gas is 1.38 times heavier than air

The size and density of the argon molecule is what makes this element ideal for different solutions and industries. 

Relative density
- 186°C
Boiling point
First ionisation energy

The use of Argon

Argon can be used in different industries like the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry, the automotive and transportation industry, additive manufacturing and the metal fabrication industry.

Related gases
Argon for additive manufacturing
Thanks to its chemical-physical characteristics, Argon is a frequently used gas in the additive manufacturing processes. It's mostly used for those materials that are particularly reactive with oxygen or other air components.
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Argon for food and beverages
More than just inerting.
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Argon for the metal fabrication industry
Argon is one of the most important gases for the metal fabrication industry. It is colorless, odorless, non-flammable and non-toxic, which ensures that the gas can be used on a very large scale. Argon is generally considered to be one of the best shielding agents, being present in the air. In addition, it is a very favorable gas to maintain the stability of the arc.
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Argon for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry
Nippon Gases offers liquid and gaseous argon for special processes. Argon can be used for particular inerting needs and in pressurisation of lyophilisation process.
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