Eduardo Gil, President Nippon Gases Europe to retire and Raoul Giudici appointed as successor

Press Release
Nippon Gases announces the retirement of its President along with its succession plan.

Nippon Gases, the European business of Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation, a leading company in the industrial, medical and semiconductor gases sector, announces the retirement of its President along with its succession plan.


Eduardo Gil, who has dedicated 43 years to the company and currently serves as Nippon Gases Europe President, is set to pass on his leadership role to his successor, ensuring the continued excellence of the organization. Eduardo has played a pivotal role in the transition process by selecting the right candidate: Raoul Giudici, to take over the presidency of Nippon Gases and drive the company to the next level.


Raoul Giudici, currently Chairman and Managing director of Nippon Gases Italy, will take over as Executive Vice President on April 1st, and will work in partnership with Eduardo until July 1st, when he will take over as President.

"The time has come for me to step aside with full confidence that Raoul Giudici is the right next leader for this company”. "I am looking forward to seeing how this company continues with its excellent performance in the coming years, which will be very challenging". Eduardo Gil, President of Nippon Gases.


Raoul Giudici, "Eduardo leaves us a great legacy, a legacy that will be a motivation for all of us to do even better in the future. And that is the legacy that I intend to take on".

This leadership transition marks a new chapter for Nippon Gases, indicating a future focused on excellence under Giudici’s direction.