TWINGHY Project: Advancing decarbonization in the steel industry

Press Release
Madrid, August 2023
Nippon Gases contributes to TWINGHY project to help decarbonize processes and improve energy efficiency in the steel industry

Nippon Gases, thanks to its cutting-edge gas technology, is making significant contributions to the TWINGHY project. Funded by the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) the project aims to revolutionize the reheating process in steel production through the use of hybrid burners and digital twin technology.


By progressively replacing natural gas, the main source of CO2 emissions, with hydrogen (H2) alongside oxygen (O2), the project seeks to decarbonize the reheating process while enhancing energy efficiency and maintaining low emissions. Nippon Gases' role focuses on the development and installation of innovative Oxy-Natural Gas/Hydrogen burners at an operational industrial-scale reheating furnace demonstrator.


TWINGHY Project Objectives:


The TWINGHY project has ambitious objectives focused on demonstrating new ways to use, monitor and control Oxy-NG/H2 hybrid burners in reheat furnaces.


In order to do so, two types of burners will be developed: one based on air combustion and the other on oxy-combustion. The project will integrate these burners into an operational industrial-scale reheating furnace demonstrator, enabling the evaluation of their performance and impact on decarbonization efforts. The project also includes the development and application of a digital twin methodology to monitor and optimize the process, along with the creation and validation of a physics-based model.


Synergetic Green and Digital Transitions:


TWINGHY's successful implementation will contribute to the synergetic green and digital transitions within the steel industry, aligning with the objectives of the Carbon Neutral World initiative by NSHD. By leveraging the innovative hybrid burners and digital twin technology, significant reductions in CO2 emissions can be achieved, ensuring a more sustainable and environmentally friendly steel production process.

Benefits of TWINGHY Solution:


The TWINGHY solution is designed to be adaptable to existing steel industry furnaces with long lifespans, eliminating the need for complete furnace replacement and conserving valuable resources. Additionally, the advanced digital tools, will facilitate a smooth transition, minimizing disruptions to production while enabling efficient and effective adoption of hydrogen as a substitute for natural gas.


Nippon Gases' involvement in the TWINGHY project underscores the company's commitment to drive the decarbonization of the steel industry. The integration of its technologies presents a promising solution that will help the steel industry move one step closer to achieving its goal of net zero emissions by 2050.