Desinfestation of grains and nuts with CO2 E290

New trends in biological desinfestation of cereals and nuts with CO2.

CO2 desinfestation. A solution for the growing demand in the organic food industry

The use of CO2 gas modified atmospheres to eradicate and prevent infestations by insects, larvae and eggs present in stored food, such as cereals and nuts, it is an alternative to chemical treatments. Their use is being reduced due to increased restrictive regulations.

The greater sensitivity of the market and the end-user towards more natural (bio) products, introduces a new factor in the analysis of the suitability on the CO2 disinfestation system.
SanFresh® C
SanFresh® C70


CO2, a natural biocide, alters an organism's respiratory processes through asphyxia and dehydration.
Anaerobic atmosphere
It creates an anaerobic atmosphere which hinders an insect´s respiratory system.
Insects oxygen transport capacity
It affects insects’ oxygen transport capacity, it also affects their metabolism and encourages rapid dehydration.
Metabolic processes
It alters the metabolic processes by modifying the pH of cells.
Low pressure treatments

-Low pressure in silos.
-Low pressure in big bags.
-MAP packaging.

High pressure treatments

-High pressure in vertical silos for bulk products. 

-High pressure in autoclaves for products in bags or big bags.


Cereals, grains, nuts, dehydrated vegetables, flours, etc.

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