Nippon Gases

Diving, industrial, welding and speciality gas professionals for the offshore oil, gas and energy industry.

Our Quality Process

Our offshore DNV certified equipment is fully maintained, re-certified and tested on-site at Nippon Gases Offshore.

Our high-quality products and services continue to set industry standards with globally certified offshore equipment, tanks and gases for diving, industrial, welding and speciality requirements in the offshore oil, gas and energy industry.
Our business


Diving Gases

Nippon Gases Offshore supply offshore diving contractors with a range of diving gases, which are analysed and certified to BSEN 12021:2014 standards.

From our facilities in Aberdeen (UK) and Singapore we supply the following diving gas blends to the international oil, gas and energy industry:


-Breathing Air (Synthetic).
-Breathing Oxygen.

Industrial & Speciality Gases

Nippon Gases Offshore supply a wide range of high purity and blended gases within our industrial and speciality gas range.

These are primarily used for leak detection, pressure testing, calibration of detectors, breathing equipment, research and testing labs, environmental testing, as well as manufacturing of plastics, metals, engines and silicon chips.


-Heliox blends.

-Air (Synthetic and Breathing).
-Arco blends (arcoshield, hearco, hearshield).
-Carbon Dioxide. 
-Wide range of speciality gas blends. 




Our in-house maintenance department build and maintain our existing fleet of single cylinders and bundles consisting of 16, 48 and 64 cylinders.

Our in-house recertification department manage the ongoing recertification of our cylinder fleet to ISO17020 standard. 

Our team of laboratory technicians operate in state-of-the art laboratories, equipped with the latest analysers ensuring the production and supply of the highest quality gases to UKAS ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standards for the offshore oil, gas and energy industry.


We produce, blend, pump, test and supply gases and gas blends tailored to suit specific customer requirements.

Tanks and Chemicals

From our facility in Aberdeen and Singapore, Nippon Gases Offshore supply an extensive range of DNV rated offshore and onshore chemical tanks, and associated equipment in a variety of sizes and capacities.


Operating from Aberdeen and

Singapore, Nippon Gases Offshore

support international oil and gas

operators, diving contractors and

service companies in over 24

countries around the world.

Operating Centres
Supply to Countries Worldwide
Years of experience
Our History
  • 1988
    Established and incorporated as Dominion Technology Gases in UK as a privately- owned business supplying diving and industrial gases to the offshore industry.
  • 2007
    Acquisition of Global Gas Supplies Limited business in UK and Singapore, successfully merging these into the Dominion Technology Gases group.
  • 2008
    Acquisition of industrial bulk tank supplier Argon Isotank Limited, successfully merging this into the Dominion Technology Gases group and significantly strengthening the product portfolio.
  • 2013
    Dominion Technology Gases group sold from private ownership to Praxair Inc, US headquartered tier 1 industrial gas corporation. Dominion Technology Gases group becomes established as the offshore arm of Praxair.
  • 2018
    Dominion Technology Gases group sold together with Praxair European businesses to Japanese tier 1 industrial gas business Taiya Nippon Sanso Corporation, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings.
  • 2019
    Dominion Technology Gases group formally renamed and rebranded as Nippon Gases Offshore as part of new European business group Nippon Gases Europe.

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