Sarralle and Nippon Gases join forces

Press Release
Madrid, December 2021
Sarralle and Nippon Gases announce the signing of the collaboration agreement to provide solutions to decarbonize the steel industry.

Sarralle and Nippon Gases announce the signing of the collaboration agreement to cooperate in the design, manufacturing, supply, construction, commissioning and/or provision of other engineering services regarding hydrogen burners, allowing the total replacement of natural gas by green hydrogen in industrial heating systems.

The steel industry is associated with high energy consumptions and its corresponding CO2 emissions. It is estimated that 9% of total CO2 emissions worldwide correspond to this sector. In this context, the decarbonisation of the steel industry requires a technological transformation to achieve the goal of zero emissions by 2050. The application of these new burners will contribute to this transformation, replacing natural gas with hydrogen as an energy source. The production of green hydrogen, a fuel produced from renewable energy sources, is already a reality and is seen as a key element in achieving the decarbonisation of industry. Pure hydrogen-based steel production is expected to be cost-competitive in cash aspects in the medium-term future in Europe.

Nippon Gases has years of experience in decarbonizing energy-intensive industries, including the steel industry, through the application of its proprietary oxy-fuel technology. The implementation of its oxy-hydrogen burners by Sarralle takes another step towards the goal of the total decarbonization of these energy-intensive industries.

Sarralle with international experience in the Steel, Energy & Environment sectors considers Nippon Gases is the ideal strategic partner to further develop hydrogen burner manufacturing, supply, and integration technology for the steel industry.

Nippon Gases will be the burner technology provider that Sarralle will install with end users. Similarly, Nippon Gases will join forces with Sarralle as a manufacturer, in project opportunities for the use of hydrogen burners -or other gases- for the steel and other industries.

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