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  • What is CO2?
  • The versatile role of carbon dioxide in beverages
  • Necessary requirements for carbon dioxide
  • SanFresh®: Wide range of solutions for carbonation in beverages

    When adding gases to beer, soft drinks and water, we use either pure CO2 (carbon dioxide) or a mixture of N2(nitrogen) and CO2.


    What is CO2 (Carbon dioxide)? 

    Carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide (CO2) is a chemical compound consisting of carbon and oxygen.

    CO2 is a non-flammable, colourless and odourless gas. Due to its good solubility in water, it is often mistakenly referred to as "carbonic acid".

    The versatile role of carbon dioxide in beverages

    Carbon dioxide is present in many beverages that we regularly consume. Carbon dioxide has a versatile role: it promotes preservation and has an oxidation-inhibiting effect, it improves flavour and aroma and gives carbonated water and other carbonated drinks their characteristic freshness and effervescence, among other things.

    Carbon dioxide in beer, for example, is a very important means of maintaining the natural CO2 concentration. This ensures the flavour of the beer and an ideal foam head.

    Necessary requirements for gases for beverage dispensing

    Nippon Gases fulfils all the necessary legal requirements for the possible use of nitrogen and carbon dioxide as dispensing gases.

    We have developed special products, such as SanFresh®, which are adapted to the strict quality requirements of the food industry.

    SanFresh®: Solutions for the food industry

    SanFresh® is the Nippon Gases brand name for all our food and beverage gases.


    In addition to the high-purity gases carbon dioxide and nitrogen, our range also includes ready-to-use carbon dioxide-nitrogen mixtures that are specially tailored to the beverage industry.

    All SanFresh® gases fulfil the necessary approvals, specifications and EU regulations as well as industry-specific requirements.


    Wide range for carbonation in beverages

    At Nippon Gases, we customize our offer to each customer based on their needs. We have different solutions for the food and beverage industry, as well as gas products with various mixtures and sizes, available as individual bottles, bundles or liquid in tankers.

    Our local presence allows us to offer high quality products and services with short delivery times.

    If you need more information about carbon dioxide for beverages, please contact us.


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