More than just inerting.

A Noble gas 1.38 times heavier than air

The size and density of the argon molecule is what makes this element ideal for multiple uses. Argon is supplied as a pure gas, but is also included in a number of gas mixtures, intended for specific purposes.

Inert gas also at high temperatures
Relative density
- 186 °C
Boiling point


Argon can be used for particular inerting in the Pharma & Biotech Industry, for Automotive and Transportation, for protecting the melting bath generated in 3D printing processes or for the Metalfabrication Industry in welding processes needs among others.

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Argon for Additive manufacturing
Thanks to its chemical-physical characteristics, it is the most used gas for all additive manufacturing processes, mostly for those materials that are particularly reactive with oxygen or other air components.
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Argon for Metalfabrication Industry
The inert gas par excellence in welding processes. Thanks to the experience of Nippon Gases as Gas Professionals, we offer you the correct combination of more gases for each application.
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Compressed and liquid argon for special

Argon can be used for particular inerting
needs and in pressurisation of
lyophilisation process.
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