3DPro® Dry Gas Tube

Equipment for Additive Manufacturing machines.

The guarantee to convey high-quality gas to the 3D printer

Are you sure the gas arriving at the 3D printer has the same original characteristics? The 3D printer usually is connected to the gas distribution system through flexible hoses in PTFE, which is a porous material and, therefore, permeable to air and moisture.

particles loss with lexible hose
defective products with NG hose
weight of NG Dry Gas Tube
Every single material requires a specific protection gas.
An interesting,but extremely delicate process

Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, or titanium, just to mention a few, have different metallurgical characteristics and reactivity to air. And so, the product must be protected during the entire 3D printing process.

The presence of impurities in the protective atmosphere dueto the process itself, can generate defects in the product. Meaning the defective product is a loss. And that’s why the use of gas is essential. The gas used will be chosen according to the process and material in terms of compatibility, and we are here to advise you.

3DPro® Dry Gas Tube
Air impurities are proportional tothe tube length due to the porosity allowing impurities to permeate the hose.
The 3DPro® Dry Gas Tube is a three-layer protection from airimpurities. Layers combine lightweight, durability, toughness, and heat resistance.
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