Associated Equipment for Laboratories

More than just only gas supply.

Standard and custom made equipment solutions for all of your gas applications

All the care taken for delivering you a stable and high purity qualitative gas or gas mixture, requires the right handling equipment to bring the product in a safe way to your application and userpoint. With decades of gas know-how and expertise, we developed together with reputed gas handling equipment manufacturers, a range of standard equipment solutions that can handle. most of your regular applications.

Safe & Reliable equipment solutions
Long-term expertise in gas handling
Standardised and modular design
Your gas application will be as good as the equipment used to handle it.
Critical aspects for the right equipment
Functional aspects

For safety reasons and local regulations, gas cylinders are mostly installed at a central location.
The gas or gas mixture should be transfered from its cylinder to the point of use, at the specified pressure and flowrate but also with the original specifications contained and specified in the cylinders..

Safety aspects

Equipment has to provide a constant reduced at the point of use.


Starting from the high pressure in the cylinder, equipment has to provide a constant reduced at the point of use, while assuring leaktightness to avoid contamination of the work environment by the often hazardeous characteristics of the gases in use like flammability, toxicity and corrosivity.

Quality aspects

Intrusion of ambient impurities like for example O2 and H2O (retrodiffusion)


in a gas handling system will lead to detoration of the stability of certain calibration mixtures and comtamination of high purity gases. Leaktightness of the equipment and overall installation (piping, connection, points, welded points, etc.) should be guaranteed and certified. Nippon Gases specifies a leakage rate of less then 10 mbar l/s Helium for all its standard equipment components..
Standard equipment program
The standard equipment program is acomprehensive program covering all basis requirements for a safe and qualitative handling of all your  pecialty gas applications, which is available un electropolished stainless steel 316L or chrome plated brass.
Pressure regulators

Pressure regulators are availiable in single stage and double stage design. The double stage regulator is used in applications where constant outlet pressure is required.

Point-of-use regulators

Point of use reguators are compact single stage regulators for use close. to your application. It can be mounted on a wall panel or on a wall mounted shut-off valve which allows you to interchange regulators from one user to the other. We offer different orientations and connection options for inlet and outlet.

Types of valves
Diaphragm shut-off valve
Diaphragm regulating

Gas Distribution Panels

We offer 3 standard solutions that covermost of the gas applications:

Panel 01

Panel to connect one cylinder of an inert and non flammable gas of medium quality. It has no purging facility.

Panel 02

Panel to connect one cylinder of an  inert or flammable gas of medium or high quality. It has purging facility by using the connected gas.

Panel 03

Panel to connect one cylinder of. toxic, corrosive or flammable gas of medium to high quality. It has a cross puring facility by using an inert assist gas, like Nitrogen 6.0

Switch-over systems

A switch-over system is a gas supply panel for connecting two cylinders with an automatic switch-over to guarantee continuous gas supply.


It is extendable to connect more cylinders at each side and used for gases of medium to high purity and equipped with purge facility.


Our services technicians are VCA2 certified (Veiligheid Certificaat Aannemers- Safety Certificate Contractors) Thanks to this certificate, they are also qualified to act in a supervision role with external subcontractors.

Customised solutions

If you do not find your answer in our standard solutions. No worries, Nippon Gases’ field service technicians are available to assist you from concept to execution based on your applications, requirements, budget and safety related aspects.

Equipment Catalog
The detail of our whole range of equipments for laboratories. Click here to get the complete equipment catalog with  product data sheets , ordering information and useful  technical data related to material choice and compatibility.
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