Nippon Gases joins HyInHeat Project

Press Release
Madrid, March 2023
Hydrogen  Technologies for decarbonization of Industrial Heating Processes

As experts in combustion development, Nippon Gases is bringing its extensive knowledge and expertise to the HyInHeat project, which aims to integrate hydrogen as a fuel for high temperature heating processes in energy intensive industries.

Whilst some of the equipment is already presented as hydrogen-ready, the integration of hydrogen combustion in heating processes still needs adoption and a redesign of infrastructure, equipment and the process itself.

HyInHeat realizes the implementation of efficient hydrogen combustion systems to decarbonize heating and melting processes of the aluminium and steel sectors, covering almost their entire process chains.

To reach this overarching objective within the project, furnaces, equipment (like burners, measurement and control technology) and infrastructure is redesigned, modified and implemented in eight demonstrations at technical centres and industrial plants. This could result in a total redesign of the heating process itself which will be supported by simulation methods enhancing digitalisation along the value chain.

By using hydrogen-air heating, oxygen-enriched combustion, and hydrogen-oxyfuel heating, the HyInHeat project will boost energy efficiency and significantly reduce the future hydrogen fuel demand of these processes; ensuring product quality and yield are maintained. From an environmental perspective, the project will also develop new methods for measuring NOx emissions in hydrogen combustion off-gas, and conduct a comprehensive cross-sectorial evaluation to determine the potential for implementing hydrogen heating processes in energy intensive industries.

Nippon Gases is committed to playing a critical role in this important project, and is dedicated to helping to achieve its goals of reducing CO2 emissions and increasing energy efficiency in a cost-competitive way, whilst keeping NOx emission levels and resource efficiency at the same level.

For more information about the HyInHeat project: Hydrogen technologies for decarbonization of industrial heating processes