Synthetic lubricants

CrioLube™ (POE) and DriveLube™ (PAG) prolong the life and enhance the efficiency of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems

The Nippon Gases Refrigerants range of CrioLube™ (POE) and DriveLube™ (PAG) synthetic lubricants has been specially developed for use in refrigeration and A/C system. It is compatible with all types of HFC and HFO refrigerants. These lubricants are characterised by superior oil/lubricant solubility, excellent viscosity and high stability, which make them suitable for use over a wide interval of pressure and temperature values.

The CrioLube™ range is suitable for use in any compressor (piston, scroll, rotary screw types, etc.) and ensures excellent protection against wear and a longer life.


The DriveLube™ range is ideally
suitable for use in car A/C systems, as it ensures higher viscosity, optimal wear protection, stability and non reactivity to the materials used in this sector.

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