Nippon Gases in Italy

A centenary company with innovative, agile and technological spirit.

Our company is one of the main Italian companies active in the market for the production and distribution of industrial, medical and refrigerant gases.

Thanks to our strong roots in the territory and a complete range of technology, products and services, we work to help our customers achieve excellent results in terms of production, economics and the environment.
Our solutions find application in a wide variety of sectors: chemicals, healthcare, food and beverage, metallurgy, refrigeration and air conditioning, diving and many others.

Our goal is to improve the future through gases.
We understand customer needs by offering high value-added solutions and develop partnerships in a wide variety of sectors with the aim of building a more sustainable society together. 
We works alongside companies to help them achieve results that contribute to improving the daily lives of many people. 
Our products and technologies have no colour or shape, yet they are as concrete as can be imagined. Because a sector such as the gas sector, not very known to the general public, forms the basis for activities from which we all benefit, in the food sector as well as in the health sector, passing through air conditioning and industrial processes.
A simple but fundamental concept, a statement that speaks of excellence and determination.
  • 1920
    Operations started
  • 1976
    IRI bought the company
  • 1985
    IGI, EniChem, and Union Carbide bought the Company
  • 1986
    Praxair bought the EniChem quotes
  • 1996
    Acquisition of Domolife and Medigas
  • 2014
    Acquisition of Messer Italia
  • 2015
    Created Rivoira Sud as a JV between Rivoira Gas, General Gas and Saldogas
  • 2016
    Rivoira acquired CO2 of Yara market and the company Ossigas
  • 2018
    Rivoira became part of Nippon Gases Europe, a new Company born from the acquisition of Praxair Europe by Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation
  • 2019
    Rivoira Refrigerant Gases was created as a joint venture between Rivoira and Sapio
  • 2020
    Rivoira celebrates 100 years, becomes Nippon Gases Italia and acquires a site in Pontinia (LT)
  • 2021
    Nippon Gases Italia creates a new joint venture: Home Medicine S.r.l.

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