Solution for Hospitalcare

We take care of you: products, services and equipments for hospitals, clinics and medical centres.

Gases we use
Nippon Gases offers a wide range of gas and mixtures in cylinders or liquid phase, classified by the European Pharmacopeia as drugs or medical devices.
This is not a simple gas but a drug with high-quality standard!
Carbon Dioxide for Hospitalcare
Carbon Dioxide for Hospitalcare
Heliox for Hospitalcare
A light way to breathe!
Helium for Hospitalcare
Save your MRI devices!
A breath against the pain!
Nitrogen for Hospitalcare
The right solution to store cells and tissues!
N2O - Nitrous Oxide
An anesthetic simple to use!
Medical oxygen
Medical oxygen is one of the most widely used
therapeutic drugs.
Rivonox® for Hospitalcare
The solution for the inhaled nitric oxide therapies!
Do you need advice?
At Nippon Gases we are called “The Gas Professionals” for a reason, and it’s because we’ll be able to answer any question.