Making life better through gas technology.

Contributing to a more sustainable future.
We believe that innovative, responsible and sustainable business plays an important role in building a healthy, thriving society.
We are proactive. We are innovative. We are collaborative.


EcoVadis Gold Medal 2021

We have been awarded an EcoVadis Gold Medal in recognition of our sustainability efforts with an overall score of 68 points that places us in the top 5% of our sector.


This Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ranking evaluates the company's performance in four key areas: Environment, Ethics, Human and Labor Rights and Sustainable Procurement.


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Community Engagement
Nippon Gases employees are fully committed to Community Engagement.
Various projects are held during the year, allowing employees to help  directly or to raise funds for non-profit organizations from different sectors such as education, diversity, community support, health & wellness and the environment.

Our commitment

For us, a harmonious relationship between people, society and the planet is the way we want to work today and every day.

Our projects and priorities


Nippon Gases compromise is to reduce waste, improve plant performance, optimise energy consumption and minimise product losses.


Renewable energy and water management are key focuses of our environmental sustainability efforts.


The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

The transition to a carbon-neutral economy


Nippon Gases is active in projects for the use of low carbon or green hydrogen.


- Our expertise in combustion contribute to reduce fuel consumption and the use of biogenic or low carbon fuels.


- Our knowledge in dissolving oxygen in water allows an efficient way of fish framing in marine water.


- CO2 recovery projects allow us to reuse the CO2 either as raw material either as replacing hazardous chemicals in the waste water treatment.


We are working towards a more sustainable future. Discover how we can enable a carbon neutral world.

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