Solutions for Food
and Beverage

Industrial gas supply for the food and beverage industry

CO2 for greenhouse cultivation

With the introduction of liquid carbon dioxide into the greenhouse it is possible to improve the growth and quality of crops.

The enrichment of greenhouses with carbon dioxide is a flexible and safe process, pure CO2 does not contain toxic substances and can be introduced into the greenhouse at any time and in the desired quantities.

Gas for aquaculture

Oxygen allows to increase the capacity of the tanks and improve growth rates and fish density.

Our systems provide exceptional results for shrimp and fish farming: healthier nurseries, higher yield, accelerated growth cycle. Furthermore, the condition of the nurseries after harvest can be improved with oxygenation systems for the aeration of the tanks, aimed at reducing the BOD, and systems that use carbon dioxide for pH balancing.

Gases we use
Nippon Gases has many solutions to help you get better results in your activity, accurately chosen according to your needs, and it will lower costs and increase productivity. The use of adequate gas helps you optimise your activity, have lower long-term costs, increase productivity and operational flexibility. Get more with less!
Nitrogen for Food and Beverage
Key agent in cryogenics and pack gas.
Carbon Dioxide for Food and Beverage
Key cryogenic and bacteriostatic agent.
Oxygen for Food and Beverage
Brings colour to the food.
Argon for Food and Beverage
More than just inerting.
Helium for Food and Beverage
Extremely light-weight.
Questions about our solutions?
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