Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP)

Foodsense®, gases and mixtures to preserve food fresh and safe.

More than mixtures of gases

Nippon Gases offers a mixture of gases for the needs of each product. To get from longer life to better appearance.

Nippon Gases, thanks to its experience in Modified Atmosphere Packaging, has developed the FOODSENSE® gas line to satisfy the most demanding requirements in the field of food packaging.

Nippon Gases not only offers a complete range of gases for packaging, but also a service in line with the needs of a constantly evolving sector:

– proposal of the appropriate gas or gas mixture for each food;

– tests at the customer for the development of the packaging processes;

– verification of the results obtained with specific analysis equipment;

– supply of technology and materials for the effective application of gases.

Gases we use
Carbon Dioxide
Selecting the ideal gas or gas mixture for each product.
The most suitable gases, recommended by Nippon Gases, in combination with the appropriate packaging materials, significantly extend food product shelf life and preserve its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.

The use of modified atmospheres allows to obtain positive results on many types of food, both perishable and not: an adequate protective atmosphere retard spoilage, and protect product flavor, aroma, and texture. To prevent oxidation and bacterial growth, oxygen is removed from the package by replacing the air with nitrogen or nitrogen - carbon dioxide mixtures.

When packaging fresh meat, it is necessary to maintain a high percentage of oxygen which acts on a pigment called hemoglobin, thus helping to maintain the bright red color of the meat.

Do you still have questions?
In Nippon Gases we have developed various qualities of gases to adapt to your applications. Call us or write to us and we will help you get the most out of it.